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About Us

At Cyclone we know the bicycle is a vehicle for change. Change your view, change your destination, change your life. Our team is built from experience and passion, cutting our teeth in the trenches of bike retail, manufacturing, commuting, touring and racing. We understand the needs of our customers because we have been our customers.

In 2003, a love affair with the bicycle spawned a business plan. Soon we opened the doors here in Portland, OR, supplying the bike shops and frame building studios of the Pacific Northwest with bicycle parts, tools, apparel and accessories.

Starting from a small warehouse along the Willamette River we’ve grown from a regional supplier to an international distributor in little more than 10 years. And even though we’ve moved once or twice as we’ve grown, this rainy little city still holds a special place in our hearts.

We believe it is our job to create value for the independent bicycle retailer by providing excellent customer service and a competitively priced product selection.

And we take our job pretty seriously.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to spreading the love of bicycles across the world by providing more efficient methods of getting product in the end user’s hand.

To accomplish our goal, we promise to constantly challenge the business as usual attitude of the bicycle industry, and provide opportunities that create value for the independent bicycle retailer.

We deliver on these promises by developing tools that enable smoother transactions, supplying a tightly curated product mix and providing the highest level of service in every interaction.


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