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Challenge accepted.

In the days of handcrafted cheese, artisanal ice, and ‘craft-made everything’, it’s hard to tell the real deal from some johnny-come-latley fakery. Everyone seems to be making everything by hand these days. Maybe I should freeze up some tap water, cut it with a saw and charge a dollar a cube…

The Challenge – to make better tires

Challenge Paris Roubaix Handmade Tires - available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply

Enter Challenge Tires. Owing its roots to the legacy of some of the original handmade tires in modern bicycle racing, Challenge is one of the few tire makers out there still making their product the old fashioned way. In fact, they have been involved in hand-making tires, in one incarnation or another, for decades.  A small, family owned business, working with sustainable rubber plantations, the brand’s expertise is in the creation and assembly of some of the last truly craft-made latex rubber tires on the market.

Retro Grouch?

Challenge Paris Roubaix Handmade Tires - available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply

So, why hang on to this decades old tradition of laying up and sewing tires by hand? Don’t these guys know about modern vulcanizing techniques? Are they simply just retro-grouches posing as hipsters? Or do they know a thing or two about building the most supple bicycle tire possible?

The Challenge difference

Challenge tires OPEN TUBULAR Tire - available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply

Challenge lays up their tubular and “open-tubular” ( that’s “clincher” for all you kids out there..) tires with either silk, cotton or polyester casing. Glued and sewn together by the hands of skilled craftsmen, the thread count tips up to 1000tpi on silk cased models, like the Criterium and even 260tpi on poly-cased tires, like Strada Bianca. Using hand-layed natural latex gives the tires an almost unreal suppleness when compared to harder, vulcanized rubber tires. The result is a more comfortable ride, less fatigue and a better connection to the ground. It’s a bit like comparing regular old liquor store ice to the stuff cut by a bearded guy named Clementine, wielding a Japanese Bow Saw and taking his task very, very seriously. The difference is in the details.

Which Challenge Tire is for you?

Challenge Strada Bianca Handmade Tires - available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply

That’s a tough question to answer. So much depends on you, your riding style, terrain, body size and general willingness to glue tubulars or learn the subtle art of mounting open tubulars onto a clincher rim. Challenge has created a pretty sweet tire application chart for your reference or you can always call us. We’ve got the full line up in the house. We’re pretty nice, and we love to talk tires. If you’re hankering for the most supple ride of your life, get over to your local Cyclone dealer and get some of these beauties. One thing for sure, once you ride them, you’ll never want to go back.


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Portland hates you. But what’s in a name?

Living in “America’s Bicycle City”, we get a lot of bicycle related discussion here that could best be described as “inside baseball”.  When it comes to bicycle access and land use you can be sure there will be passionate voices on all sides. Analyzing the analysis and offering insights that might go right past the general public. It’s just how we roll.

When, last week, our City leaders decreed that – River View Park –  one of the only slices of legal single track within the city limits, would now be off limits to two wheeled mirth making, there was much lamenting and gnashing of teeth. Quickly, a range of discussions ensued about erosion, soil impact, land use, equity, social class, access, and a whole host of other points. Fortunately from the fracass arose the idea of a “protest ride”, marking the first day of illegal access. The ride was named. Then it wasn’t. And then a new name was given… A T-shirt was printed – “Portland Hates Me” the tag. Then it wasn’t. And then a new T-shirt was printed.

In the end, we argued. We agreed. We disagreed. Then we agreed that there are several points that we both agree and disagree on..

Finally, we will ride.  And that’s the important part. If you’re a MTB-er here in Portland, and you care about preserving access to trails in the city limits, promoting a healthy city, and equity, come on out and join us, Monday March 16 – for the official “River View Protest Ride” at 4pm.

Details on the book of faces…

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Giving Spring the finger and a new helmet for my head

Originally, this was to be a post about how we’ve been blessed/doomed with an incredibly early/climate-change spring here in the NW – sun, and more sun, as far as the eye can see.

I thought I’d add a little something about my weekend ramble with “the Slovene”, and “Ms.C” out to Multnomah Falls. 60ish miles round trip. Big scenery. Good friends. Great weather. That’s what it’s all about. Am I right?

Unfortunately one cavalier moment, and a car door later, the day went in another direction. As I lay on the pavement, my index finger bleeding like a slaughterhouse hog, and my melon intact, I realized I need to write something about Cratoni – our new helmet line.

Fresh off the boat, and exclusive to Cyclone, Cratoni is German engineering and design at its finest – secure fit, sleek finish, easily adjustable retention and extra CleanTex padding. We recently added their entire Road and MTB line up to our catalog, and you should get one for your dome. Trust me on this one.

I just wish I had one for my finger!

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Give in to Zen

Zen Bicycle Fabrication

Last Friday, after a week of slinging bike parts (and accessories) to all you lovely folks, I repaired to the tidy industrial confines of the Zen Bicycle Fabrication workshop for their open house party.

Zen Bicycle Fabrication open house

For those of you not familiar with Zen, they are a local Portland frame building factory whose claim to fame has been building OEM frames for some of the industry’s big players. This little fiesta was set to mark their expansion beyond hustling only other brand’s frames, and to kick off their own Zen branded and designed bikes.

Zen Bicycle Fabrication tubes on the factory floor

Normally the folks at Zen are about as secretive as it gets. This unprecedented look inside their workshop was filled with a full tour of the factory floor, complete with neatly sorted tubular bits, shiny machinery and a show room full of the new line up.

Zen Bicycle Fabrication AR45 Adventure Road frame has clearance for up to 45mm wide tires

Zen’s new road, adventure road, cyclocross, 29er and expidition frames will make their public debut at NAHBS in March. Frame and fork are expected to  retail for $1,250 to $1,399.

Maybe it was the copious amounts of HUB’s Abominable Winter Ale on offer, but the AR45 Adventure road had me drooling all night. Built from True Temper tubing with wide (up to 45mm) tire clearance thanks to a tricked out machined chainstay.The AR45 looks like the perfect back road assault vehicle for this guy.

Zen Bicycle Fabrication CX frame weighs 738g!

For the embrocation crowd, the CX version is a svelte alloy frame (738grams!) built to shred the mud and crud of your local race series, and boasts Zen’s proprietary MOD dropouts designed to accept a wide range of axles.

Zen will be selling the frames consumer direct as well as supplying dealers with the full line up, at 2 levels. For more info contact the guys at Zen Bicycle Fabrications.

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Hip Lok – the hippest lock in town

Being the fashionably furry band of misfits that we are here at Cyclone World HQ, we like to keep it fresh. And when we’re not busy grooming our Lumber-licious facial hairs with artisinal beard oil, we like to ride bikes.

While collectively we would all like to just keep on riding all day, every day, occasionally we do have to stop and lock our bikes at work or outside one of Portland’s many, many watering holes (you don’t actually think we do this job sober, do you..?). All this locking puts us in the market for a lock as secure and fashionable as we are.

Recently we added Hip Lok to our product mix. Their line of wearable locks fit with our painfully fashionable team’s needs for security and sexiness. Check out the staff picks below:

HipLok V1.5

HipLok V 1.5 wearable bicycle lock available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply; Portland, OR; 97209

HipLok V 1.5 is the flagship of the brand. The soft, yet tough sleeve lets it ride comfortably around your waist, even my big 36″ savings account.  The V1.5 combines high security, comfort and visual appeal.  You can sling this sexy, 10mm logging chain around your ride and feel confident knowing your bike will be just where you left it.  Comes in Black, Lime, Green and Grey and fits up to a 44″ waist. Boom!

HipLok D

HipLok D lock; wearable bicycle lock available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply; Portland, OR; 97209

HipLok D is not a “U” lock. It’s a “D” lock. Why? Well, because the guys at HipLok are English, and in England this is a “D” lock. So there. The D combines all the security of a U lock, plus a super convenient built-in clip to hang it from you belt, bag strap or pants. Get one to match your eyes, or your bike, or you neighbor’s cat for that matter. Available in 4 colors – Black, Cyan ( that’s Blue in American), Red/Grey and Lime.

HipLok Lite

HipLok Lite wearable bicycle lock available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply; Portland, OR; 97209

HipLok Lite is the trimmer, more svelte version of V 1.5. Basically the same good looks and comfort of V 1.5, with a lighter duty 6mm chain. Don’t worry  you beer bellied lovers of all things lite, HipLok Lite will still fit around your gut, up to 44″. Available in Black, Cyan, Pink, White and Urban Green for your lock styling pleasure.

If you want to lock your bike, and look good at the same time, get over to your local Cyclone Dealer and demand that they sell you one of these sexy security devices.

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Mountain Biking thru Winter that never was…

Since Winter has decided to not show up this year in Oregon, we’ve been out pounding the local trails while most of America is still all covered up in snow. And even though we’re adding new tire lines to our catalog faster than you can say “Raspberry Scones”,  one of our long time faves, Rubena Tires, continue to hold a special place in our vulcanized hearts.

Biking around here this time of year provides a special set of challenges. One day we could be mucking through mud and moss in the Coast Range, and the next day ripping across the desert. Rubena’s SDX (dual-extreme) Compound holds tight to the damp and muddy conditions here in Western Cascadia, while rolling fast across gravel roads in Eastern Oregon. The “Tubeless Supra” technology hooks up to almost any rim out there, UST or standard, saving us from snakebites and goat heads alike. And just in case you were wondering which tires we like to roll through this egg-beater of trail conditions, here’s a run down of the house favorites.


Rubena Kratos MTB tire - Available exclusively from Cyclone Bicycle Supply

The personification of strength and power, Kratos is a slugger of a tire. Its low profile middle knobs roll fast in the hard pack and the soft adhesive gray rubber shoulders make for super cornering in the slip-n-slide. These guys are tough and grippy. Designed to climb corner and take all you can throw at them – Tubeless setups weigh in at  695g and Race Pro versions tip the scales at 650g.


Rubena Scylla - Available exclusively from Cyclone Bicycle Supply

Light, fast and aggressive. Scylla is a bantam weight tire that punches above its class. Perfect for hard pack to slightly loose conditions, the low profile center rolls fast, and the knobby shoulders hook up quick in the corners saving your brakes for more important pursuits, like stopping at the bar.  The perfect tire for multi-day gravel rambles, like the Oregon Outback – Race Pro versions come in at a feathery 540g and Tubeless layups are 595g.


Rubena Zefyros -- Available exclusively from Cyclone Bicycle Supply

The lightweight in the group. Zefyros super low profile is designed to zip across the hard stuff and hook up quick on the chatter.  These guys stick to the dusty stuff like a Kardashian in a spray tan booth – Race Pro comes in at 550g and Tubeless are a mere 580g. Boom!

So, yeah… we have plenty of Rubenas in the warehouse. Ready to ship to your little corner of the world. Muddy, rainy, dry or not… Call your local Cyclone dealer, tell them to put these tires under your bum and pedal like you mean it.




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Cyclone Hires Two New Inside Reps!

Cyclone Bicycle Supply has announced the addition of two new sales reps to its inside sales team.

Billy Wherley is the new inside sales rep for New York, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Hawaii. Hailing from central Pennsylvania, Billy has been in the cycling industry for ten years and has worked in shops in Pennsylvania, New York, and Oregon.  Having filled roles from mechanic to manager, Billy knows the ins and outs of the IBD and has impressive technical knowledge to assist in your troubleshooting needs.

Tyler Robertson is the new inside sales rep for Idaho, Montana, Texas,and Pennsylvania.  Tyler has over ten years experience in the both the retail and manufacturing side of the bicycle industry as a Technical Communications Rep for Yakima Racks and Retail Operations Manager at Clever Cycles. He has also traveled extensively by bicycle and spent the past four years in Europe writing the travel blog Two Wheel Travel and has an upcoming book, Slovenia – A Bicycle Travel Guide coming out soon.

“Cyclone has a long history of dynamic Inside Sales Reps, and we’re happy to continue the tradition with Tyler, and Billy. Their knowledge and enthusiasm will help us raise the bar, again, for customer service in the industry” said Matthew Case, Sales manager for Cyclone Bicycle Supply.


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Cyclone Hires Three New Reps in California!

Kris Fowler is the new outside rep for the Los Angles Metro area and North to San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield. An avid Mountain Biker, Kris has over 15 years experience in both the retail and wholesale sides of the bicycle industry. His retail experience includes Sore Saddle Cyclery, Steamboat Bike Kare, and Over the Edge Sports.  His wholesale experience includes Nirve Sports and most recently Highway Two.

Eric Richtman is the new outside rep for Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire.  Eric has an extensive background in retail and the multi-sport environment and has been an inside rep and brand ambassador for Fizik at Highway Two for the past 2 years. Prior to H2 Eric spent six years at Rock N Road Cyclery as assistant buyer and Service Manager.


James McLean is the new outside rep for the San Francisco Bay Area. James has enjoyed a long career in the bicycle industry and has represented J&B Importers, Breezer, Currie, GT, Diamond Back, Specialized and Univega Bicycles. He has been a competitive off road racer and event promoter since 1980.

“We have always believed personal attention is the key to not only Cyclone’s success, but the success of our dealers. James, Kris, and Eric have a proven track record of providing shops with just that attention, and we’re very excited to have them representing us in California” said Matthew Case, Sales Manager at Cyclone Bicycle Supply.




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New at Cyclone-Web Only Specials!

New for 2015! Last year we spent a lot of time thinking about the blog, Facebook, and the website, and how we can get more of our dealers to utilize these great resources.  Then it came to us, let’s offer some web only specials!  We know, you wish you had thought of it first.

Here’s how it works:  If you are a registered dealer, once you log in to our website, click on the Web Specials button located at the top of the left hand menu.  This will take you to our Web Specials page and from here you will have access to our new Web Specials.

Once you’re in, the sky’s the limit.  Just follow the link. To take advantage of the Web Specials just enter the Web Promo Code displayed at the top of the page into your order at checkout.

Please take this new feature for a little test drive, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to call your rep.

We appreciate your business and look forward to a great year together!




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Hiplok-Designed for Riding, Built for Security!

We recently received our first shipment of HIPLOK, a highly innovative series of locks designed to be easily carried when riding while providing high security in an urban setting. There are three basic designs chain, cable and D-lock. Two chain locks (one heavy-duty and one lite) and the one cable lock are all designed to be worn around the waist when riding. The two D-locks (one with, one without an accessory locking cable) are designed to be clipped to the belt or carried in a pocket. Great designer colors compliment the cool designs! Check out the videos and then call your rep today!

Hiplok Videos

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Green Grips Eco-Friendly Bar Tape Now in Stock!

Cyclone Bicycle Supply is pleased to announce the arrival of Green Grips an exciting new Eco-Friendly Handlebar Tape.  Based in Waukesha, Wisconsin (USA), Green Grips were spawned from an allergic reaction to rubber-based handlebar grips. With no solution available on the market, Green Grips owners Derek & Kelley Sisko asked themselves “Why not make this product ourselves?” They created Green Grips, the world’s best eco-friendly cloth handlebar tape!

Available in a variety of colors, Green Grips are in stock now.  Check them out online or call your sales rep today!


See it on YouTube!

Review on CycloCross Magazine!


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Fly 6 Rear LED Light with HD Safety Camera!


The hot new FLY 6 tail light with a built-in HD Camera is in the house and available exclusively at Cyclone!  The completely waterproof FLY 6 taillight contains a high-quaity HD camera that records video in 720p, with clear, good-quality audio. The camera automatically loops and records over the oldest files (each about 20 minutes long), so you always have the most recent video available. If you ever need to produce a video proving you’re in the right,  the FLY 6 is just the thing.  This unique product has received a ton of attention in the press and is one of the hottest new products of the year!

Call your Cyclone sales rep today!



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