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Lock Down Savings and Free Shipping on Kryptonite Products

Posted: May 17, 2016 in

May 17, 2016 4:52:28 AM

Fair weather is synonymous with more bike rides in most urban cycling markets. That means more butts on bikes, and more bikes on the road…and ultimately, more need for quality bike locks!

That’s why we’ve partnered with Kryptonite to offer our customers special pricing for all Kryptonite products ordered received now through June 17th, 2016.

Check out these deals! You won't find a better price on the market!

Order $750 of product and receive 5% discount.
Order $1500 of product and receive 7% discount.
Order $2500 of product and receive 10% discount.
Order $5000 of product and receive 15% discount.

Plus we’ll also throw in FREE SHIPPING on all qualifying orders.

Stock up now so your customers can find exactly the lock they want, at a price they can afford.

Kryptonite BlaqPak Promo


We have a handful of limited edition Kryptonite backpacks—custom made by hand in Portland, OR by Blaq Paks. Designed especially for Cyclone, when these puppies are gone, they’re gone, so talk to your rep and get ’em while they’re hot.

Cyclone local delivery goes to 4 day a week

Posted: March 31, 2016 in

Delivery Program 2016

Hey Cyclone people,
After moving our warehouse from NW out to Clackamas, we don't get to see all you lovely people as much as we used to. We've heard your requests for more convenient shipping options for our local Portland area IBD's. We feel your pain.
So, starting April 1, we will be running the local delivery service 4 days per week.

Who is this guy?
Long time "Cyclonian" (is that even a word?), Scott Owens, will be heading up the delivery efforts and managing the routes. If you see Scott coming through your door, don't be afraid. He's big and burly, but soft and cuddly too.

How does it work?
To make this work for everyone we have divided the Portland Metro Area into 3 zones. And if you’re in our part of town, Will Call is still available at the Clackamas facility. In addition to timely delivery of product to your shops Scott will also be showcasing local specific promotions and new product too. (Download a larger version of the delivery zone map here)

Delivery Zones
Zone 1 – The Inner Eastside out to SE 39th/Cesar Chavez to NE Broadway, NE 33rd and north to N Prescott, and all of NW Portland. This zone will get delivery 4 days per week, Tuesday –Friday 1-5PM

Zone 2 – North of N Prescott to the Columbia River, and east including Gresham. This zone will get delivery 2 days per week, Wednesday and Friday 1-5PM.

Zone 3 – SW Portland, Beaverton, and Oregon City. This zone will get delivery 2 days per week, Tuesday and Thursday 1-5PM.

Order Requirements
Your order must be placed online or with your rep before 12 noon.
Free delivery for orders $250.00 and above.
A $10 surcharge will be applied to orders below the minimum

Will Call/Pickup
12100 SE Jennifer St Clackamas, OR
Same day Will Call is still available after 2PM.
Please allow 3 hours from time of order for processing.

Action Bicycle joins forces with Cyclone

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Cyclone News

Here comes Cyclone - Action Bicycle joins forces with Cyclone Bicycle Supply

As of April 4, 2016 all Action operations are now part of the Cyclone Bicycle Supply system. If you have been a loyal customer of Action over the years, we’d like to welcome you. If you have not yet transferred your account, or been contacted by your rep to transfer your account, take this opportunity to do so, click here to complete your dealer agreement. We know it’s a pain, but we want to make sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle. We’re glad you’re here.

Over the next few days, the guys in New Jersey, the same guys you’ve always worked with at Action, will be contacting all of you to set up web store login credentials and help you establish your Cyclone account.

As a Cyclone customer you will see more options for you to create value for your customer - wider product selections, innovative ordering tools and increased shipping options - all designed to help you succeed. Over the past decade we have built our reputation on pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We look at the 'business as usual' attitude of the bicycle industry as a challenge. We are determined to make it better. More profitable, and smoother for all of us.

Again, we'd like to welcome you all to Cyclone. It's been a wild ride getting to this point and it's only getting better.

Here we go!

Pardon Us, While We Pause

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Cyclone News

Pardon Us, while we pause

Pardon us, while we pause

We've got a lot going on in the near future. Action Bicycle USA, becomes Cyclone East in a couple weeks ( more on that later), and remember last month when we told you about our plans to move to a bigger, faster, stronger warehouse, after the first of the year? Well, those days are almost upon us. When we first started planning this, it seemed almost too far off to even imagine, but now it's here.

Our logistics guys have been planning this for over 3 months. Plotting each and every move we will make.

To make it easier on everyone, we are going to move in stages, so we only have to close shipping the bare minimum amount of time possible.

Beginning January 28, we will move our warehouse from NW Portland to Clackamas, OR. We will have limited shipping capacity on the 28th and 29th, and taking back orders from February 1 - 5.

We will be filling and shipping your orders just as quickly as possible beginning Feb 8. We wish we didn't have to close at all, but with almost 30,000 sku's in house, this is no simple undertaking.

Not to worry. Our cheery sales and support folks will be here the entire time to help with product and technical issues that may come up. So, drop them a call or email, and keep them on their toes.

We appreciate your patience through this huge undertaking.

See you soon!

Our New Home, a New Face and a shout out to the East

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

December is already proving to be a big month for us, and we're only half way thru. Things have been moving fast around here lately. Not only did we just acquire Action Bicycle USA last month, but we've moved our front office into a new space and added a new face.

Our New Home

Our years on NW Vaughn St. in Portland's Pearl District treated us well, but as we've grown almost 3 fold over the past 5 years, we need more space. So, at the first of December we moved into this great spot, just south of downtown, right on the banks of the Willamette River. And just in time too. Our office is busting at the seams. Stay tuned for more relocation news - we'll also be moving our Portland warehouse to a bigger space after the first of the year!

A New Face

Also on December 1 we added Brian Ross as our new Sales Director. Coming to us from Oregon's growing craft brewing industry, Brian has the skills and experience to take us to the next level. While we're all busy trying to sort out the logistics of our eastward expansion, Brian has hit the ground running, dialing in the Sales Team like a fine Swiss Watch. Keep an eye out for newer, bigger, better things from our Sales guys in the New Year. Welcome Brian!

Finally, as we are completing our plans to absorb Action Bicycle USA into the Cyclone family, we will be posting more and more info for current Action customers here to keep you apprised. Keep an eye peeled for details on how this will all shake out shortly after the New Year.

We're blowing up!

Cyclone Acquires Action Bicycle USA

Posted: November 06, 2015 in Cyclone News

Our family is growing

Today we announced the recent acquisition of Carlstadt, NJ based parts & accessories distributor, Action Bicycle USA!


In operation since 1988, Action’s product development success and commitment to service make a perfect complement to our ordering technologies and logistics network. Since opening our doors in 2003, we have grown steadily year on year, expanding our reach from the Pacific Northwest to the West Coast to Nationwide. The addition of Action’s dealer base, and its east coast distribution facility will solidify our coast to coast reach.

“Ralph Zotta and I met in early 2015 to discuss working together in a way that leveraged both of our strengths. At Cyclone we’ve been working hard to level the playing field for IBD’s with tools like our Cyclone Bike Shopper App, giving retailers the ability to virtually expand product selection without expanding in-store stock levels, creating a huge opportunity for the IBD retailer. Meanwhile, Action has created great in-house product lines with good value for their customers. We plan to expand both. All house brands will continue under Ralph's guidance and you will see our ordering technologies and shipping options expand in the next year", Erik Deeter, Cyclone CEO”

In 2016, retailers will see an immediate increase in delivery and service options - We will offer “same day” ordering/delivery to Portland and NYC/NJ metro area accounts, one and two-day ground shipping to the major metro areas of both East and West Coasts, as well as reduced ship times to Mid-West and Texas. We will expand selection at both warehouses to stock the core product that we are known for, as well as key product from the Action catalog.

These are exciting times. Stay tuned for more updates.

Cyclone Bike Shopper - #escapethemechanicave

Posted: August 04, 2015 in Dealers

Remember back in April when we launched the Android version of the Cyclone Bike Shopper App? We promised we would have an iOS app for you by the end of June. Well, it took a little longer than we thought (This app stuff is hard work), but finally we have the Apple approved iOS version of the Cyclone Bike Shopper up and running on the App Store as of August 3, 2015!

Awww, yeah!

Cyclone Bike Shopper App from Cyclone Bicycle Supply on Vimeo.

It's worth noting while the iOS version does all the same great things as the earlier Android iteration - SEARCH, SCAN, and BUY - we've even added some new features along the way.

Using the App as an ordering/buying tool is a no brainer. It makes sense that you would use it to fill the stock room, and stock your shelves. But what happens when your customer needs a size or color you don't have in stock. Or maybe they want to compare features or price for several products you don't currently stock?

No worries. We got this.

Now, in addition to quickly searching for products or scanning UPC barcodes to your cart for easy ordering, we've added a little twist. With the flick of a thumb your Sales folks can hide wholesale pricing and display only MSRP. The App just went from ordering tool to sales tool. Using the Cyclone Bike Shopper in Retail Mode, your Sales team can walk a would be customer through our entire catalog, showing in stock items and retail pricing. Your inventory just jumped to over 20,000 skus and it didn't cost you a dime.


Now that Manufacturer Direct and Amazon are becoming the "New Normal" for retail bike sales, how are the traditional brick and mortar shops meant to compete?

Easy, Cyclone Bike Shopper in the hands of every IBD's Sales team allows you to quickly and easily walk customers through a huge inventory of competitively priced products, confirm the purchase and place the order before the customer has even left the building.

Stay tuned, because we're not done yet. Our in-house nerds are hard at work right now, cooking up more developments to the Cyclone Bike Shopper.

Like, I said, "We got this."

Mr. Bicyclist - what is your major malfunction?

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Lifestyle

t. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers searching for thief on bicycle

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Bike Mechanic Challenge

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Community ServiceMaintenance

Hey Portland - Think your shop has the best mechanic it town?

Yeah? So, bring it.

Community Cycling Center Bike Mechanic Challenge 2015

Our friends at Community Cycling Center are sponsoring their annual Bike Mechanic Challenge on Saturday, June 13 at Velo Cult in Portland's Hollywood District.

Bike Mechanic Challenge

Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Ave

Saturday, June 13th


Can’t make it to the event? Please consider making a donation to the Community Cycling Center instead.

Being part of the solution, or, how to finally get mountain biking you can ride to

Posted: May 07, 2015 in EventsLifestyle

Yesterday I took off a little early to participate in being part of the solution to an ongoing problem here in the Portland area, the almost complete lack of mountain bike trails within riding distance. In 1992, with the help of voter approved funds, Metro (an organization headed by elected officials encompassing Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties), purchased four parcels of land in the North Tualatin Mountains, just north of Forest Park here in Portland. Recently, Metro has had a number of open houses to get community feedback on how to proceed with development and preservation of these parcels. Those of us who like riding mountain bikes saw this process as an opportunity to create a network of mountain bike trails we could get to without a car. During meeting #2 in December, mountain bikers represented about 200 of the 250 people who showed up at the remote Skyline Grange hall. I wanted to make sure we were represented again yesterday.

After a rather unpleasant three miles riding on Hwy 30 I finally reached NW Saltzman and the entrance to my Forest Park “shortcut”. This was a really nice opportunity to just spin quietly in the woods, and it reminded me of the importance of opportunity for this kind of recreation close to the city.

Once through Forest Park I was spit out onto the rolling asphalt of NW Skyline, a well known road riding destination, for the few remaining miles to the Skyline School, and the awaiting meeting.

There weren’t as many folks there this time (probably the same number of locals, significantly less mountain bikers, unfortunately) but the atmosphere seemed positive, and people from different walks of life were having both civil and interesting conversations. I took this as a good sign, and also an opportunity to eat some pie, because when you participate in your local community you get fed pie, it’s the law.

During the December meeting participants were asked to rate their priorities for the parcels, on boards showing different activities, with three color coded dots. The results were on display at this meeting. It was nice to see mountain biking at the top, but I actually favored each of the top three with my allotted dots. With this information in hand, Metro went about creating options for each of the parcels, most showed three different versions, All Shared Trails, Some Shared/Some Separated, and Separated. I’m the kind of guy who actually likes the opportunity for shared uphill trails and separated downhill trails. I think a lot of the ire experienced between mountain bikers and hikers/trail users happens because there’s no real opportunity for everyone to travel slowly in the same direction, so maybe the shared uphill will allow pleasantries to be exchanged and maybe bridge a gap or two.

The detail of the presentation and supporting was really encouraging. The heavy presence and enthusiastic information sharing from the Metro employees associated with this project really was a breath of fresh air in a time when these types of developments have really become a significant wedge issue in the community. With these positive feelings, I took my leave and headed toward home.

Nothing caps off an evening of civic involvement like bombing down Old Germantown Rd. and heading over the historic St. John’s Bridge. A buddy and I decided to debrief each other’s experience over a pint. We concluded there are still opportunities to be surprised by local government’s willingness to listen to its citizens and take actions in their best interests. The road to new trails is still ahead of us, and there’s still work to do, but it feels pretty good being a part of the solution once in a while.

If you’d like to learn more about the work Metro is doing in the North Tualatin Mountains, or even get involved in the process (it’s never too late!), click on this link and take a look.