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Fly 6 Rear LED Light with HD Safety Camera!


The hot new FLY 6 tail light with a built-in HD Camera is in the house and available exclusively at Cyclone!  The completely waterproof FLY 6 taillight contains a high-quaity HD camera that records video in 720p, with clear, good-quality audio. The camera automatically loops and records over the oldest files (each about 20 minutes long), so you always have the most recent video available. If you ever need to produce a video proving you’re in the right,  the FLY 6 is just the thing.  This unique product has received a ton of attention in the press and is one of the hottest new products of the year!

Call your Cyclone sales rep today!



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Get Inside the Box!


Cyclone Bicycle Supply is proud to announce the arrival of BOX Components!  Led by BMX and downhill mountain bike racing legend and pioneering component and accessories designer Toby Henderson, BOX Components uses “design thinking” to create the finest BMX and mountain bike parts and accessories in the world.

With a focus on innovation and pushing bicycle technology forward, all BOX products are designed and manufactured without compromise for the most discerning consumer.

BOX Components products are influenced and inspired by things as diverse as motocross and NASCAR, the Bauhaus and Japanese pop culture. Throw in some straight-ahead jazz, punk rock, haute couture, modernist painting, mid-century modern furniture, Italian transportation design, Zen Buddhism, Scandinavian design, cars from the 1960s, surf culture and nature, and you pretty much get what they are all about.

Call your sales rep today and get inside the BOX!

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New From Kryptonite…Series 2 Mini in Colors!






New from Kryptonite!  The best-selling Kryptonite Series 2 Mini is now available in a rainbow of colors!  Get em’ while they’re hot!

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Tioga Has Arrived!!

Cyclone Bicycle Supply is pleased to announce the arrival of the full line of Tioga Precision Racing! These high-performance products are legendary in the industry and now available from Cyclone. Check them out on the web or call your rep today!

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Chamois Butt’r-Experts in Riding Comfort!

Chamois Butt’r® was developed in 1988 by physical therapist and cyclist Steve Mathews, in collaboration with pro cyclists, physicians and chemists. Since then, Chamois Butt’r® has continued to evolve and is now available in most US bicycle retailers and is distributed internationally.

Chamois Butt’r® Original, Chamois Butt’r® Eurostyle™ and Chamois Butt’r® Her’® are non-greasy skin lubricants developed to improve riding comfort. Both products prevent the uncomfortable rubbing and chafing many cyclists experience while riding. Chamois Butt’r® products easily wash off skin and out of shorts with soap and water, and are gentle on even the most delicate skin and clothing.

They use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that their products are easy on your skin. All Chamois Butt’r® products are paraben free, gluten free and contain no artificial colors or fragrances. Chamois Butt’r® products are produced in a state of the art facility, with strict quality assurance, adhering to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. No animal testing is used for their products.

Now in stock at Cyclone Bicycle Supply, so Butt’r up!

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Try This Soap!

PINERITE® All Natural Colorado Pine Soap Heavy Duty Pine Powder Soap

If you have not tried Pinerite yet, you owe it to yourself and your mechanics to do so! With all natural ingredients, Pinerite does a great job of cleaning your hands and leaves them soft and smelling like a walk in the pines!

USES-Cleans: grease, oil, paint, shoe polish, adhesives, glue, printers ink, dirt, grime, etc., etc.

NATURALLY UNSCENTED-Absolutely no artificial scents added; just a very mild naturally occurring essence of pine.

BIODEGRADABLE-Safe to use in the out-of-doors as it contains no phosphates of any kind.
FOREST FRIENDLY-Promotes healthy forest management. Utilizes previously unused pine slash (needles and branches).
ALL NATURAL-Ingredients: Borax, Sodium Soap with 1% lanolin, Pine Tree Powder****Contains a powerful antioxidant – proanthocyanidin.
Pinerite® Natural Hand Soap has the cleaning properties of natural pine extracts and borax making it a unique and effective hand soap for everything from normal daily use to the removal of heavy grease, dirt and grime.


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Love this rack!!!

Over the years, I have installed literally hundreds of auto racks from dozens of companies on hundreds of different cars, and quite frankly I can’t really think of any of them that have ever gotten me as enthusiastic as I am over the new Saris Freedom Superclamp series.  I have taken this rack for a thorough test drive and can honestly say that this is the best quality, easiest to use, most stable, adjustable, and damage free rack I have ever had the pleasure to use!  The design is pure genius, from the bolt-on locking receiver mount, to the adjustable wheels trays, the easy to use clamp arms, and the built in cable locks.  Mounting the bikes literally just takes a few moments, and there are no straps, no cords, no frame contact, no fuss, no muss!


If you are not already stocking this rack, I highly recommend that you do.  Both you and your customers will love it!


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Race Face Apparel is Here!

The Loam Ranger!In addition to the full line of Race Face Components, Cyclone Bicycle Supply is pleased to announce the arrival of Race Face Cycling apparel!  Jackets, Hats, Hoodies, Jerseys, Safety Gear, we got ya’ covered!

Visit our website, or call your rep today!

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Like Us On Facebook!







You are invited!

As a valued member of the Cyclone Bicycle Supply family, you are invited to join us on Facebook!  Here you will receive all the latest news, product updates, cool videos, and just plain gossip!

2014 has been an exciting year at Cyclone with hundreds of new items being added to our vast array of products.  Facebook is a great way to keep up to date with all the latest happenings.  Join us today!

Thank you for all your support from the friendly folks @Cyclone!

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There’s No Agony in These Defeet!


Cyclone Bicycle  Supply is pleased to announce the arrival of cycling socks by DeFeet!

We believe cyclists deserve and should use the best equipment possible. It makes a difference and it leads to more enjoyable time spent on the bike. “Comfortably stronger, rides and runs longer” is what DeFeet says to describe it’s products – and we guarantee you will find it to be true. Cycling presents many challenges: constant aerobic output, changing speeds, terrain, and weather conditions. You need socks, base layers and accessories against your skin that perform a lot of tasks. They need to be thin and lightweight while pulling moisture off the body. They need to protect your skin and stand up to abrasion and wear. Finally, they should to last a long time because good products are a form of investment. Cyclone Bicycle and DeFeet are proud to deliver all of these qualities so that you can enjoy the sport to the fullest.

In stock now @CBS!

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The Kinderbike is here!!









Kinderbike has been one of the top-rated balance bikes for the past four years, and is now available at Cyclone Bicycle Supply!  With top-of-the-line features like a  6061 aluminum alloy frame, height adjustable saddle with twin rail support, child-friendly rear brake and more.

  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – The best warranty in the industry!
  • Extremely lightweight and sturdy, 6061 Aluminum alloy frame
  • Adjustable handlebars to allow for a custom fit for your child
  • Twin-bearing steel headset (not plastic) ensures smooth steering

Call your sales rep today and say “I want my Kinderbike!”

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Easton Has Landed!!


Yes, it’s true…One small leap for cyclists, one giant leap for Cyclone!  What is this rocket science?  Nope, it’s Easton and Cyclone Bicycle Supply!  Still though, with industry leading design and materials development, Easton Cycling would be just as at home in the space program as they will be at Cyclone Bicycle Supply.  We couldn’t be more excited to feature the full line of products from Easton.  By combining science with a passion for cycling, Easton continues to push aerodynamics, strength, and ride quality further and further.  Yet with all this innovation, Easton still creates products for best-in-class value.  Easton truly believes in making every ride the best possible ride.  So whether you find yourself in the final pull on the way to certain victory, enjoying the scenery on a casual ride through the park, bombing down your favorite DH trail, or bringing back cereal for tomorrows breakfast, look for Easton Cycling and Cyclone Bicycle Supply to have what you need for your bicycle!


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