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The Steel Frame Protection Drought is Over!

Steel is still very real. Vintage steel frames remain popular in the second-hand market and bike manufacturers continue to produce fresh steely steeds. Steel frames have many benefits, but one potential downfall: rust and corrosion. Frame exteriors are protected by paint, but their dark interiors are susceptible to rust. For many years manufacturers and steel connoisseurs have used one popular brand of frame saving spray product. Lately we — and many of our customers — have found that popular product harder and harder to find and keep in stock. Not anymore. We’re happy to announce that the frame saving spray drought has ended! Our good friends at ProGold have made a new and improved version of the tried and true frame saver spray.  In addition to actually being readily available right now, ProGold’s Steel Frame Protector spray costs less than the other popular brand and the 8oz can is 40% larger. Call us or buy item LU5030 online.


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