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Posted: March 04, 2013 in Cyclone News

It's here.

The 2013 Cyclone Bicycle Supply catalog has arrived.

This year's edition contains 1,500 new items—dressed in an "Alice in Wonderland-esque" theme that features psychedelic illustrations of Cyclone personnel in consciousness-expanding costumes. Be sure to look for a few special feaures—e.g. "Employee Endorsements" and "Pet Posse"—besides the bicycle components and other related items you're looking for.

Redefining "local"

We significantly reduced our carbon footprint in producing this year's catalog. Although respect for the planet and corporate eco-consciousness are ostensible reasons for doing so, our motivation was primarily a matter of convenience—we literally worked with our next-door neighbors. Why go the extra mile for things we can accomplish literally a block away?

A Decade of Distribution

2013 marks the ten-year anniversary of Cyclone Bicycle Supply, and we're doing next to nothing to celebrate. Why, you might ask? Simply put, it's all in the line of duty. We're quite happy to have been around for ten years of bicycle business, of course, but in the interest of maintaining our focus on customer service consciously forgoing the self-congratulatory hoopla just seems to make sense.

Just for fun, however, here's a few snapshots with our first-ever catalog from 2003:

Things can change a lot in ten years, but our commitment to providing quality products and service remains the same.

Posted: March 04, 2013 in Cyclone News