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Cargo Bikes Done Right

A couple months ago the Cyclone crew had the great pleasure of doing a fun little photo shoot at Splendid Cycles; we had an amazing time riding beautiful cargo bike after beautiful cargo bike. The owner, Joel Grover, was gracious enough to let one of his bikes make an appearance on the homepage of our website! We definitely think very highly of Joel and what he does at his shop so we thought we’d share a little bit about Splendid and what makes them so….splendid.

Joel’s history with the bicycle industry goes back 20 years when he started working in a small retail shop located in Beaverton, Oregon. Although this was supposed to be a temporary endeavor, The Bike Gallery purchased the shop in 1989 and gave him the title of manager. As time went on, he bounced around from managing the shop, being a ski bum and again back to the shop where he took the position of their Buyer/ Inventory Manager. His lovely wife Barb has been in the biz as well; from managing the store to wearing the hat of Marketing and Events Manager. Clearly, Joel and Barb Grover are no stranger to the bike industry and how it operates; it was time for them to move on and try something new.

The concept of Splendid Cycles began to emerge during the winter of 2009-2010 and finally came to fruition when the doors opened on May 24th, 2010. Joel decided to focus on the ever-growing cargo bike market importing Denmark’s Bullitt and Winther cargo bikes as well as retailing locally produced Ahearne and Metrofiets. So why cargo bikes you ask? Well, because “a quality cargo bike is a lasting investment guaranteed to pay dividends over decades of use” says the Splendid Cycles website. Cargo bikes, especially in an urban setting, provide exactly what a car can yet in a much more efficient manner.

We love doing business with Splendid Cycles because they share the same goals as we do here at Cyclone: less cars & more bikes, help benefit personal health & well being and increase the health of our planet. Thanks Joel for helping us achieve these goals by providing such exceptional service and quality products at Splendid Cycles.

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