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Staff Pick: ELITE REALAXIOM CT RITMO TRAINER with Internet Racing

Posted: April 11, 2012 in ProductsStaff PicksTrainers

By Rick Smith, Cyclone Inside Sales Rep.

Since it rains all the time here (not that I dislike rain rides), and riding rollers in my cramped living room has its perils, I decided to splurge and pick one of these up last year. I was attracted to the VR racing features, its ability to simulate grade changes, and recreating GPS rides in virtual form.

Well this trainer totally kicks ass, and while expensive as trainers go, I think it was totally worth it. The setup is fairly easy, putting it together takes about 15 minutes or so.

The “dancing RITMO feet” are a spring coiled base for the trainer that allows it to move slightly from side to side when out of the saddle to emulate actual riding. This may not be for everybody. I personally like them, but tune them to be super stiff. A non-suspension base option like those found on most trainers is included as well.

All of the features work as advertised, and the simulated gradient can approximate 12% and 1200 watts of effort max thereabouts. A really strong rider will be able to overpower the resistance for a few seconds during maximum effort, but for steady state intervals or rides at functional threshold power this is way more than adequate. Where it really shines for me are the long hill grinds that you could never replicate in real life. Wanna climb a 15,000 ft 10% grade mountain? You can. Wanna race 8 ghosts of your best efforts over any course? Go nuts! (doing this is a great way to totally destroy yourself, you will absolutely be your own worst enemy!)

The best part of the trainer is the Google Earth compatibility, you can create any course in the world easily and ride it in Google Earth on your laptop, fancy shmancy 3D graphics and all. You can also use Garmin and many other GPS sources to create real life courses. Exploring cities around the world is fun as hell, and keeps the indoor training fresh and interesting all the time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Cyclone Part Number: TN0419

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