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Cyclone Bicycle Supply and KNOG announce new BLINDER LED Light launch party in Portland, OR

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Events

Cylone Bicycle Supply of Portland, OR and Melborne, AUS based KNOG are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new BLINDER series of LED bicycle head and tail lights.  The new BLINDERS four super bright LED’s pump out 80 lumens of front light and 44 lumens of rear light, and the anodized aluminum face is sonically welded to a polycarbonate housing.  The optimized optics focus the beam and directs the light making the Blinder brighter and visible over 800 meters.  The light features 5 different modes with a three hour constant run time and up to 50 hours in the eco-flash mode.  A “last mode” memory function will return the light to its last mode when the light is turned off/on.  The 39g lights are 100% waterproof and have a built-in USB recharging system that fully charges the lithium polymer battery in 5 hours.  A battery warning indicator will turn red when the battery is low or charging, and green when fully charged.

The event will be celebrated in Portland, OR with a new product launch party on February 24th from 7-10 pm at the Springbox Art Gallery sponsored by KNOG and their U.S. distributor Cyclone Bicycle Supply.  Dealers wishing to attend the gala event should RSVP to Cylclone Bicycle Supply.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact John Byfield at Cyclone Bicycle Supply: 503-226-0696 or john@cyclonebicycle.com


Posted: February 14, 2012 in Events Tagged: Blinder, Event, Knog, Lights