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Cyclone Welcomes Panaracer!

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Vendors

We were pleased to welcome Jeff Zell and Mark Okada from Panaracer to our offices yesterday!  Cyclone is Panaracer's newest distributor and the guys stopped by to check out the office and meet with our team.  Along with them, we were honored to get a visit from Takashi Minoura and his agent Kenzo Masada from Minoura.  Takashi is the third generation family President of Minoura and a true gentleman and we enjoyed his visit immensely!  After meeting with our staff and touring our facility, our sales manager John Byfield took the entourage out on the streets of Portland for a personal visit with some of the local shops.  The shops were intrigued to meet with the namesake of the legendary company, and Mr. Minoura thoroughly enjoyed checking out the Portland bike scene.

The full line of Panaracer tires will be in stock soon!

Left to right: Kenzo Masada, Mark Okada, Takashi Minoura, Jeff Zell


Posted: February 27, 2013 in Vendors