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Staff Review: DZ Nuts - A New Undercarriage Empire

DZ-NutsBy Matt Case, Inside Sales Manager

As is my style with new products, I buy them and use them in order to speak about their pros and cons while talking to you, the bike shop, without using a bunch of BS or regurgitating stuff that’s easily found on the internet.

Continuing with this ethos, I have purchased a few goods from our new vendor, DZ Nuts. I procured the chamois cream, the embrocation and the shaving cream. Here are a few of my well thought out, well, thoughts on these items.

DZ Nuts Pro chamois cream: This is the flagship product of Dave Zabriskie’s undercarriage empire. I have used this prior to a number of rides and races and I must say I’m quite happy with the results. A little goes a long way and that’s always good when you’re spending money on something. The cream isn’t oily, so your ‘taint won’t feel like Prince William Sound (are you too young for that reference?) The action is great and you can count on it for long and short rides. It also washes off easily with a little soapy water, so your hands and junk are safe. The only oddity was, well, it’s a little spicy. Nothing that makes it uncomfortable, but it warms more than the, ahem, cockles of your heart.

DZ Nuts In-Heat embrocation: I have tried the “medium” heat and it is indeed warm. I have been told the “hot” is quite hot and useful only in the Mid-West winter and I can see the truth in that statement. The medium smells very good, kind of a cinnamon scent that reminds me of cookies baked with Red Hots candies in them. My legs were spicy warm in a few minutes and it lasted well into the ride when I had already warmed up my muscles. I used rubbing alcohol and water to facilitate hand clean up and it worked fine, even after the cliché of needing to use the head right after application.

Matt Testing DZ Nuts ProductDZ Nuts Bald shaving cream: I absolutely love this stuff. As with the chamois cream, a little goes a long way. I applied a heaping quarter sized amount onto each leg after getting out of the shower (the light inside my shower is bad and I don’t want to miss a spot, ya know?) The cream is light and smooth, it’s full of moisturizers and will pretty much absorb into your skin by the time you get to your thighs. When you get there though, the water from your razor creates a renewed lather that protects and lubricates like no other. This stuff is good enough to use on your face too, and it smells good.

There you have it. Well thought out, well, thoughts from me to you. Now give us a call and ask about purchasing DZ Nuts! Or order DZ Nuts online.

Posted: May 17, 2012 in ProductsStaff PicksStaff ReviewBody Care Tagged: DZ Nuts, Matt Case