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Exposure Lights: The Best Bike Lights on the Market

Posted: August 16, 2016 in

Although we make our bread and butter supplying retailers with the staples of bike industry consumables—chains, lubes, tires and the like—we’re always on the lookout for well-designed, products to add to our mix. Sometimes it’s a no-brainer good value that allows retailers to offer their customers a great deal while improving profit margins. With Exposure Lights, we wanted to add them to our catalog due in part to the quality and performance of the product, but to be honest, it’s also because we’re totally smitten over these lights for numerous reasons.

Popular in the European market, the Exposure brand has been around for a number of years. The company is less well-known in the US, but we’re hoping to help change that. Ask anyone who’s used Exposure Lights what they think about the line and you’ll gaze upon the face of rapture.

Exposure users are an evangelical bunch, and for good reason. Not only are the lights incredibly well made, offering performance and features that crush the better-known competition of high-lumen output lights, but they are finely-crafted, exquisitely designed masterpieces of engineering. With CNC-machined anodized aluminum outer bodies and lithium ion internal batteries, they perform as good as they look, and they look badass, to put it bluntly.

Exposure's Six Pack model offers unparalleled performance for the most extreme rides, packing a whopping 4500 lumens into a mere 386 gram package. There's a quick-reference chart on the underside of the light body (top), to remind riders of burn times at each power level. Better yet, the OLED status display provides real-time updates of burn times at a glance (bottom).

Our staff has been practically duking it out over the demo units we've got on hand. Many of us have used comparable high-lumen output lamps made by other brands to light our adventure rides, tours, and 24-hour races. The consensus is unanimous: Exposure lights’ output matches or beats comparable product by other brands, while offering distinctive features that leaves the competition in the dark.

We now carry the entire 2017 product line, which has been revamped with increased burn times and brightness, along with all associated mounting kits, remotes and accessories. We also stock dynamo hubs by Shutter Precision, made specifically to power Exposure’s Revo light. Not only does the Revo deliver 800 lumens of illumination, it can remain lit for up to one hour after stopping.

At only 110g for the Revo light body, and another 460g for the SP dynamo hub, this light package is the serious adventure rider's dream. When your stamina runs thin and you pause to refuel or pitch a tent, the Stand Light technology powers the light in a dimmer mode. The retained energy allows you to quickly ramp up to full power once you start riding again.

Nearly all of the Exposure lights are USB rechargeable with no wires to contend with while riding. Some models—like the 24-hour endurance-racer favorite, the Six Pack—feature LED output monitors that let you know exactly how much charge is left at each setting. And most are packaged in a zippered deluxe case, reminiscent of fine a fine camera lens, molded to protect your equipment

With 16 headlights and 5 taillight options, and a broad range of prices across the entire line, we feel Exposure offers superior value to consumers seeking performance and style in one package. One caveat: better order now before we scoop them all up for our own night-riding adventures.

Six Pack Mk7 (EXPSIXP7) 4500 lumens reflex boost; 3400 constant 386g 2 hrs min / 36 hrs max
MaXx-D Mk9 (EXPMAXXD9) 3200 lumens reflex boost, 2350 constant 310g 2 hrs min / 36 hrs max
Toro Mk8 (EXPTORO8) 2400 lumens reflex boost, 1800 constant 236g 2 hrs min / 36 hrs max
Strada1200 (EXPSTRADA1200) 1200 lumens 230g 3 hrs min / 36 hrs max
Race Mk11 (EXPRACE11) 1700 lumens reflex boost, 1300 constant 186g 2 hrs min / 36 hrs max
Equinox Mk2 (EXPEQUINOX2/2pk) 2000 lumens 140g 0.5 hrs min / 24 hrs max
PLUS another 44 hours when you
add the support cell battery pack.
Diablo Mk8 (EXPDIABLO8) 1400 lumens 120g 1 hr min / 24 hrs max
Axis Mk4 (EXPAXIS4) 1000 lumens 111g 1.5 hrs min / 24 hrs max
Joystick Mk11 (EXPJOY11HMBE/BK/RD) 850 Lumens 88g 1.5 hrs min / 24 hrs max
Sirius Mk5 (EXPSIRIUS5) 550 lumens 81g 2 hrs min / 36 hrs max
Switch (EXPSWITCH) 375 lumens 75g 3 hrs min / 24 hrs max (pulse)
Trace 110 lumens 35g 3 hrs min / 24 hrs max (pulse)
Flash 110 lumens rechargeable, 40 disposable 75g 3 hrs min / 24 hrs max (pulse)
Revo 800 lumens 110g Endless

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