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Featured Tires: Rubena Scylla and Schwalbe Ultremo

Some staff thoughts on a couple of popular tires: The Rubena Scylla 29er for all terrain and the Schwalbe Ultremo for road.


rubena scyllaThese tires rock. Great traction in the dirt, corner well and have very low rolling resistance…even on the street! If you want more bite and won’t ever use them on the road the Kratos is a better choice from Rubena. If you want a fast rolling XC tire that you can ride to the trail, on the trail, and back from the trail, try the Scylla. Great for car-less types like myself.

Also I believe a Scylla is some sort of multi headed sea monster, so…

that’s clearly a good reason to get them too. A GREAT DO-ALL TIRE!

Rubena Scylla 29 x 2.25", Cyclone part #TR9543

More info on rubenatires.com on the Scylla and Kratos.


Schwalbe Ultremo DDSchwalbe make some of my favorite tires, so when I needed a new set for winter last year I picked these up after Matt gave them a solid recommendation.

Well fast-forward to Spring and I’ve given these guys close to 2500 miles of abuse in all sorts of conditions and they have performed pretty damn well. Mounting these was pretty easy, and my rims are usually kind of finicky in that regard. They roll very well and have excellent cornering grip in the wet (an important factor here in Portland), and while 230g a tire makes them a little heavy for racing, for commuting and training you couldn’t do much better than these things. The puncture protection appears to work as advertised, I ride on some pretty grimy roads and only remember getting 1 flat the entire life of the tire, and I’m pretty sure it was a pinch and not a puncture. Tire wear has been pretty decent but I think I’ll retire the rear at about 3000 miles. To be fair, a good chunk of the mileage occurred on my trainer, so a squared off rear tire at 3000 miles is actually pretty good. I’ll save the front for this winter (it's still relatively fresh) and try something new in the summer. RECOMMENDED for those who want a fast training tire you can have a lot of confidence in.

Schwalbe Ultremo 700 x 23: Cyclone part #TL7520


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