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Giving Spring the finger and a new helmet for my head

Originally, this was to be a post about how we've been blessed/doomed with an incredibly early/climate-change spring here in the NW - sun, and more sun, as far as the eye can see.

I thought I'd add a little something about my weekend ramble with "the Slovene", and "Ms.C" out to Multnomah Falls. 60ish miles round trip. Big scenery. Good friends. Great weather. That's what it's all about. Am I right?

Unfortunately one cavalier moment, and a car door later, the day went in another direction. As I lay on the pavement, my index finger bleeding like a slaughterhouse hog, and my melon intact, I realized I need to write something about Cratoni - our new helmet line.

Fresh off the boat, and exclusive to Cyclone, Cratoni is German engineering and design at its finest - secure fit, sleek finish, easily adjustable retention and extra CleanTex padding. We recently added their entire Road and MTB line up to our catalog, and you should get one for your dome. Trust me on this one.

I just wish I had one for my finger!