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House Brand Package Refresh

We recently began updating our Cyclone house branded product package designs. Updates include an assortment of grips, "Soul Roll" bar tapes and seatposts. The new package designs feature the product name boldly displayed in a fat, bright yellow font. We wanted to be sure it could be seen from across the shop, or down the block, and to eliminate any possible confusion about what each product is. All packages also feature our signature crazy bike people illustrations who may or may not be loosely based on staff members, but definitely represent the diverse parade of riders we see buzzing around Portland daily. Look for Tall Bike Guy, Crazy Guy, Happy Business Man, the Bodybuilder, a few Road Racers, the Hippie Chick, an Apple Chucker and more. There's still a few house items in older packaging, but once those are gone these new packages will take their place. New tubes with updated packaging should land any day now, we'll be sure to share pics.

More pictures after the jump.

The GRIPS! package reminds users to "Don't Trip, Get Some Grips."

The new seatpost package goes for absolute clarity with the text: "This is a SEATPOST. You need one." Because you really do need one. Unless you're like Ryan, head of Purchasing, who rides a trials bike with no seat.

The Soul Roll Bar Tape box says that you should "Put some soul in your roll."

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Cyclone NewsFeatured Products