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IN THE NEWS: Decline Reviews Knight Composites MTB Wheels

Posted: July 20, 2016 in

As Knight Composites' distribution partner, we could tell you all about the technical specs behind Knight wheels. We could talk shop and explain how "laterally stiff, vertically compliant" really is a thing. We have stats; research that proves Knight wheels are faster, stiffer, and more efficient than the competition. We could try to convince you that Knight makes the best carbon fiber composite wheels on the market, but would you believe us? After all, that's our job, right?

Well, don't just take our word for it. The folks over at Decline magazine have a few things to say about Knight's ride quality. After putting the wheels through their paces, writer Drew Rohde summarized the experience this way:

Knight’s Enduro wheelset have quickly become some of our favorite wheels to ride. Directly comparing these wheels to the Enve M70s we ride so often, we’d have to say the ride quality is superior and we greatly appreciate the vertical compliance. Traction is better, rider fatigue is reduced while we’re still able to rail corners or slam the bike into a berm with force and still have the wheels right beneath us

Read the full article, here.

Using Toray carbon fiber, the same material used on a Boeing 777, Knight’s Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) hoops are cutting edge in both finish and ride quality. data-verified=

Knight wheels are equally laterally stiff as Evne wheels. Knight composites' wheels differ in their vertical compliance. Riding much more like an aluminum wheel, the Knight 35s rode softer and didn’t pass that harsh chatter or impact sensation felt in other super-stiff wheels. Traction improvements were noted and rider-fatigue was also reduced. data-verified=

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