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Introducing Industry Spin—Our New Podcast

Posted: September 14, 2016 in Cyclone News

In the bike industry, as in many others, distributors are often thought of as merely the "middle man" between suppliers and retailers. Technically, as a distributor we are in the middle, but we view our role as one that does more than merely moving products from manufacturers to IBDs.

We view our role as one that serves retailers, manufacturers, and ultimately, consumers. We do more than warehouse and ship products. We also add value for brands and IBDs alike by forming strategic partnerships with manufacturers to secure great deals on consumables and premium products. When we can offer great deals to our customers, they in turn can offer their customers more competitive pricing. And the work we do behind the scenes to promote emerging brands and products helps build both consumer awareness as well as market penetration.

That behind-the-scenes work presents the perfect opportunity for us to engage both manufacturers and IBDs in insightful conversations. As we prep for Interbike 2016, we realized we wanted to have these conversations more than just once a year in a crowded, too-brightly-lit convention hall.

Cyclone Bicycle Industry Spin Podcast iconIntroducing our first foray into podcasting. We call it INDUSTRY SPIN, a podcast that brings together manufacturers, product engineers, retailers and riders to discuss the issues facing our industry.

Join us for our first episode, a frank and funny conversation between three leading ladies of the industry: Beverly Lucas, CEO of Knight Composites; Jude Gerace, owner of Portland's custom wheel building studio, Sugar Wheel Works; and Katie (bleep) Compton, 12-time National Cyclocross Champion and all-around bicycling badass.

We met up with Bev and Jude at Sugar Wheel Works, with Katie calling in from home to join the conversation. This podcast was recorded and edited by the Sprocket Podcast and produced by Cyclone Bicycle Supply, in August of 2016.