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Kelsey's Outstanding in Her (Corn) Field!

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Our own accounting superstar Triathlete and all round good sport Kelsey Davis got her first taste of Cyclocross this weekend.  On a borrowed bike and shoes she stormed the (corn) field at Kruger’s Farm!  Here’s the story in her words.

It all started at West End Bikes last Monday night. While speaking with one of their employees, the topic of cyclocross came up and I must have shown a bit too much interest in the sport. West End happened to be sponsoring a cyclocross race the following weekend, and Justin said that I should borrow a friend’s bike, and sign up! Five days and an email later, my weekend plans included heading out to Kruger’s farm for the race. I borrowed a friend’s bike and shoes for the weekend and was all set to go. On Saturday I headed out on a “practice” ride in an effort to try and get comfortable on the bike. I ended up climbing up to Skyline three times that day and not really finding any good muddy trails to practice on. The only real cyclocross practice I got from that ride was carrying the bike up some hills.

Sunday morning arrived and I headed out to the course with a friend who raced at 9:40am, long before my 2:00pm race time. While watching the earlier races I realized what I had gotten myself into. Athletes were finishing with their bikes literally 100% covered in mud. Mud was speckled all over their faces and clothes, and the course just looked like a mudslide. I was beginning to wonder if I could even keep a bike upright on the course. 2:00pm finally arrived and I walked warily up to the start line. There were about 200 girls racing with me, and I started at the very back of the pack. The race started and the adventure began! Mud was flying in all directions from the tires trying to grind through the mud. The first corner of the course was by far the muddiest and required a lot of caution in order to make it through without falling off your bike. A set of stairs followed with a short climb following. From there the course was pretty mellow until we arrived back by the start line. A tricky handling section with lots of sharp turns finished up each lap of the course. Throughout the first lap, I was unclipped for about 90% of the course, and ran through the majority of the heavy handling section. By the second lap I was getting more comfortable riding through the mud and realized how much easier it was if I actually clipped in. By the third lap I was riding the whole course except for the short stair/climb area and began to really have fun with the race.

Zero falls...one visit to the cornfield from a fellow athlete falling off of her bike and knocking me off course, and four laps later, I can now say I have completed a cyclocross race!  It may have been my first race, but there will definitely be more.  Perhaps next time I will be wearing my own shoes and riding my own bike!

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized