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We Deliver Knight Composites: The Fastest Wheels in the World

Posted: June 09, 2016 in Products

You’ve heard the saying: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. So when we heard the rumors about Knight Composites making the fastest wheels in the world we were skeptical, but we were also curious. What allows Knight to make this bold claim?

We decided to check it out. We met with the Knight Composites founders and development team to find out whether this was just a clever marketing claim or an actual, measurable truth.

It turns out it’s really true. In multiple scenarios, utilizing three different wind-tunnels to analyze performance, Knight’s composite road wheels truly are faster than anything currently available on the market.

The secret? It’s that the leading edge is actually the trailing edge design.

The Trailing Edge of Aerodynamics

Most aerodynamic wheel design research focuses on the leading edge—the tire and rim’s outer edge. But the aerodynamics of the leading edge is largely dependent on the tire used. This data that comes out of this research is solid and should not be ignored, but Knight engineers discovered that designing around the trailing edge could offer greater aerodynamic benefit.

This pivotal insight, coupled with a rapid prototyping process allows Knight designers to manipulate the rims on a micro scale, perfecting the most minuscule details of the designs.

Knight Composites are the only wheel manufacturer using an Expanded Polysterene (EPS) layup and molding process. Combined with aerospace-grade Toray carbon fiber, this allows the company to produce a lighter, stronger, more reliable and precisely constructed rim than any other manufacturer.

Knight’s commitment to providing superior wheels at a competitive price was so compelling, it was a no-brainer when they asked us to become their US distribution partner.

Want to Know More or Demo a Set?

Ask your Cyclone sales rep for a wheel demo or download our 2016 Look Book to learn more about this revolutionary approach to aerodynamic wheel design.


Heading out to Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival June ? We're collaborating with Seattle's Dirt Merchant to provide Knight Composites demo wheels on a fleet of Turner bikes.

Reserve a time to ride online, or look for the Turner / Dirt Merchant demo at the event.