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Yo! It's the April Lock of the Month.

Posted: April 01, 2013 in Promotions

We interrupt your regularly scheduled browsing to bring you this very important news update:

This just in!

"Lady Liberty," a 111' 6" copper woman, has left her pedestal on Liberty Island, NY—after years of lifting her lamp beside the (figurative) golden door. A symbol of hope to the outcasts and downtrodden of the world, the 'Mother of Exiles' shocked scores of National Monument workers and law enforcement officials when she suddenly and miraculously animated amidst post-hurricane cleanup efforts. There is some speculation as to whether the devastation sustained as a result of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 has anything do do with this unusual phenomenon. Perhaps it is simply an April Fool's Day prank, clever digital image trickery, or both. Stay tuned for more information...

Now, back to your regularly scheduled feature post:

...this is Kryptonite's flagship bicycle U-lock.

Kryptonite New York U-Lock

Security rating: 11 of out 12


  • $3000 USD anti-theft protection
  • 16mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks
  • Higher security disc-style cylinder
  • Double deadbolt locking for extensive holding power
  • 3 keys - one lighted with high intensity bulb & replaceable battery
  • Includes Transit FlexFrame Bracket for easy mounting to frame tubing 25mm to 80mm whether round, oval, triangular, or square.

The lock also features 360° rotation, providing the ability to better fit and align with a bike frame's specific geometry.

Pick these up at a nice 5% off through the month of April.

Posted: April 01, 2013 in Promotions Tagged: Kryptonite