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Meet the MonkeyLectric M210, Player

By Scott Owens, Cyclone Sales Rep

I admit it, being the most recognizable member of the Cyclone Bicycle Supply, it is odd to test a sort of “get noticed” bike product with me. I live life in the limelight. I have to work hard not to get noticed. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Anyways, I got tapped to try out the new MonkeyLectric M210 ten LED light. Player.

I had some misgivings at first, seriously. It seemed bulky and I wondered if it would even fit on my low flange Campagnolo C-Record hubs. Player. I also thought it would cramp my style a bit, player. My high profile relies not on how many pieces of flair I am working, but on what I would describe as an instantly recognizable inner fire that burns hot and fast. Player.

I am right now laughing at myself and hoping that you thought I was both serious and going to continue in that vein. I watched Office Space last night and basically wanted to use “flair” in as many ways as possible today. On to the review.

Monkey in the Dark

This light is so much fun. The bulky-ness of the light was something I thought would matter but it doesn’t. You can’t feel the light in your wheel and installing it was a snap. I was done in about four minutes. I thought it was going to be annoying to find the theme and the color I wanted but it wasn’t. I got a huge kick out of going through the themes with my bike on the stand. Since it is only blinking LED’s the battery haven’t even shown any power loss in the form of dimming.

My one knock? Too small. I want the big one next and hopefully it will be the programmable HD one. I want to head to the CMWC with a front wheel that has an American flag waving with an eagle bursting through it so I can be that guy.

Posted: April 24, 2012 in LightsProductsStaff Review