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MonkeyLectric Lights Are Here to Dazzle

Posted: April 10, 2012 in ProductsLights

The MonkeyLectric M210 "Mini Monkey" lights are now available to dealers. There's a lot of buzz surrounding these lights, and they are definitely the most unique, eye-catching wheel lights we've ever seen. The M210 light consists of a 10 LED light board that hooks to your bike wheel and attaches to a hub-mounted 3 AA battery pack. When the wheel spins the lights combine to form full color 8-bit (think old school video game) graphics. There are hundreds of color/graphic display combinations to choose from. Other notable features: Made in America, waterproof, built-in anti-theft device, up to 40 hours run time, fits some 16" and all 20" and above wheels, durable solid rubber construction, and wide angle visibility. The MSRP for the M210 is $49.99, part #LT5901. Login or contact us to order. More info on MonkeyLectric's site.

Video of the lights in action:

Posted: April 10, 2012 in ProductsLights Tagged: Lights, monkeylectric