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Mountain Biking thru Winter that never was...

Posted: February 05, 2015 in ProductsTires

Since Winter has decided to not show up this year in Oregon, we've been out pounding the local trails while most of America is still all covered up in snow. And even though we're adding new tire lines to our catalog faster than you can say "Raspberry Scones",  one of our long time faves, Rubena Tires, continue to hold a special place in our vulcanized hearts.

Biking around here this time of year provides a special set of challenges. One day we could be mucking through mud and moss in the Coast Range, and the next day ripping across the desert. Rubena's SDX (dual-extreme) Compound holds tight to the damp and muddy conditions here in Western Cascadia, while rolling fast across gravel roads in Eastern Oregon. The "Tubeless Supra" technology hooks up to almost any rim out there, UST or standard, saving us from snakebites and goat heads alike. And just in case you were wondering which tires we like to roll through this egg-beater of trail conditions, here's a run down of the house favorites.


Rubena Kratos MTB tire - Available exclusively from Cyclone Bicycle Supply

The personification of strength and power, Kratos is a slugger of a tire. Its low profile middle knobs roll fast in the hard pack and the soft adhesive gray rubber shoulders make for super cornering in the slip-n-slide. These guys are tough and grippy. Designed to climb corner and take all you can throw at them - Tubeless setups weigh in at  695g and Race Pro versions tip the scales at 650g.


Rubena Scylla - Available exclusively from Cyclone Bicycle Supply

Light, fast and aggressive. Scylla is a bantam weight tire that punches above its class. Perfect for hard pack to slightly loose conditions, the low profile center rolls fast, and the knobby shoulders hook up quick in the corners saving your brakes for more important pursuits, like stopping at the bar.  The perfect tire for multi-day gravel rambles, like the Oregon Outback - Race Pro versions come in at a feathery 540g and Tubeless layups are 595g.


Rubena Zefyros -- Available exclusively from Cyclone Bicycle Supply

The lightweight in the group. Zefyros super low profile is designed to zip across the hard stuff and hook up quick on the chatter.  These guys stick to the dusty stuff like a Kardashian in a spray tan booth - Race Pro comes in at 550g and Tubeless are a mere 580g. Boom!

So, yeah... we have plenty of Rubenas in the warehouse. Ready to ship to your little corner of the world. Muddy, rainy, dry or not... Call your local Cyclone dealer, tell them to put these tires under your bum and pedal like you mean it.