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New Face in the Office: Kelsey Davis - Accounting Assistant

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Cyclone is EXTREMELY happy to announce a new shining face in our office! Her name is Kelsey Davis and has joined our accounting department. So what's Kelsey's story?? Well here's a little bit about her!

Kelsey Joy Davis is a 21 year old accounting graduate who grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She obtained her degreee at Iowa State University whilst also performing the job title of Treasurer for the school's Triathlon Club. Speaking of triathlons...this girl is quite the athlete! In her high school days, Kelsey was the district champion for cross country while attending Cedar Falls High School.  She completed her first triathlon, Hy-Vee, in 2008; only two years later she had her first triathlon win during the 2010 Hickory Grove Triathlon. All in all, this rockstar athlete has completed 4 triathlons; not to mention she qualified for the Boston Marathon the first time she ever ran a marathon!

Okay, enough with the bragging, aside from being a great athlete here are some other fun facts about the girl handling your invoice questions: she loves the color pink, she can count to 10 in German and her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms! She also enjoys the movie Despicable Me and thinks the miniature tents on display in sporting goods stores are adorable, who doesn't?!

We're very excited and happy to have her on our team; so when you call in, make sure you say hello! You might just be saying hello to the next IronMan winner!

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized