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Pardon Us, While We Pause

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Cyclone News

Pardon Us, while we pause

Pardon us, while we pause

We've got a lot going on in the near future. Action Bicycle USA, becomes Cyclone East in a couple weeks ( more on that later), and remember last month when we told you about our plans to move to a bigger, faster, stronger warehouse, after the first of the year? Well, those days are almost upon us. When we first started planning this, it seemed almost too far off to even imagine, but now it's here.

Our logistics guys have been planning this for over 3 months. Plotting each and every move we will make.

To make it easier on everyone, we are going to move in stages, so we only have to close shipping the bare minimum amount of time possible.

Beginning January 28, we will move our warehouse from NW Portland to Clackamas, OR. We will have limited shipping capacity on the 28th and 29th, and taking back orders from February 1 - 5.

We will be filling and shipping your orders just as quickly as possible beginning Feb 8. We wish we didn't have to close at all, but with almost 30,000 sku's in house, this is no simple undertaking.

Not to worry. Our cheery sales and support folks will be here the entire time to help with product and technical issues that may come up. So, drop them a call or email, and keep them on their toes.

We appreciate your patience through this huge undertaking.

See you soon!

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