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Portland hates you. But what's in a name?

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Lifestyle

Living in "America's Bicycle City", we get a lot of bicycle related discussion here that could best be described as "inside baseball".  When it comes to bicycle access and land use you can be sure there will be passionate voices on all sides. Analyzing the analysis and offering insights that might go right past the general public. It's just how we roll.

When, last week, our City leaders decreed that - River View Park -  one of the only slices of legal single track within the city limits, would now be off limits to two wheeled mirth making, there was much lamenting and gnashing of teeth. Quickly, a range of discussions ensued about erosion, soil impact, land use, equity, social class, access, and a whole host of other points. Fortunately from the fracass arose the idea of a "protest ride", marking the first day of illegal access. The ride was named. Then it wasn't. And then a new name was given... A T-shirt was printed - "Portland Hates Me" the tag. Then it wasn't. And then a new T-shirt was printed.

In the end, we argued. We agreed. We disagreed. Then we agreed that there are several points that we both agree and disagree on..

Finally, we will ride.  And that's the important part. If you're a MTB-er here in Portland, and you care about preserving access to trails in the city limits, promoting a healthy city, and equity, come on out and join us, Monday March 16 - for the official "River View Protest Ride" at 4pm.

Details on the book of faces...

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Lifestyle Tagged: bicycle, mountain biking, Portland, river view, trail access