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Staff Pick: GRAVITY FLAT BAR 777mm

By Rick Smith, Cyclone Sales Team

This is the first installment in our staff picks series. Dealers who want to find out more about this or other products we carry can contact us or login to the shop.

These bars are comically huge, just cartoonishly monstrous. When I first put them on my bike I thought to myself, “hmm… may need to bring out the hacksaw”. After all, 777mm is almost 30 inches and change, and while I’m 6’2” and have relatively broad shoulders they still felt a bit awkward at first. Then I stood up and mashed as fast as I could, using as much arm leverage as possible … I then realized I had unwittingly turned my 29er into a gigantic BMX bike, and it was fast as hell. Later experimentation revealed a slight increase in climbing speed while standing, as well as the benefits of fuller breathing due to opening up the shoulders a bit.

Ultrawide bars are not without their drawbacks though, tight singletrack and riding in heavy traffic are not their forte, as you can imagine. Also, bike fit will change a bit, and you may need to swap stems. That said, if you come from a BMX background (as I do), use a lot of upper body leverage for riding, or are just a large human being, I think these bars could be for you. These come highly recommended (but not for everybody).

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Posted: April 05, 2012 in ProductsComponentsStaff Picks Tagged: Gravity, Handlebars, Rick Smith, Staff Picks