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The PDW Dios Thronous Saddle - We Shall Have Dry Backsides!

Posted: June 21, 2012 in ProductsSaddles

PDX Dios Thronous Saddle

Our friends at Portland Design Works gave us an early sneak peek at their new Dios Thronous saddle. This EVA foam saddle is reportedly waterproof and will keep your backside dry on those rainy rides we love so much here in the Northwest. Not being too familiar with EVA foam, we looked it up. According to wikipedia, ethylene-vinyl acetate is a versatile polymer sometimes known as foam rubber and used in lots of sports equipment like ski-boots, fishing rods and the Adidas Jabulani soccer ball (one of our favorite balls). It's also used in fire-safe cigarettes (there's one more reason not to smoke), and in some body bags.

Apparently these saddles aren't your average slab of foam rubber because they were actually created by supernatural beings.

From the box: "And so it came to pass that the Deities of the Daily Ride created a saddle of EVA foam that was both waterproof and scuffproof and they dubbed this saddle Dios Thronous. And the people rejoiced that their backsides would be both comfortable and dry until the end of Time." You heard it here first. When the Deities of the Daily Ride make a proclamation, take heed!

The samples we felt were nice and soft, and fairly light for a commuter saddle. Water rolled right off of them like they were made from a duck's back. We didn't try and scuff them too heavily to test their claimed scuffproofness, but they passed the old finger-nail push test and general office abuses (like Matt Case jumping around with it) so it seems like they would hold up well to basic use and abuse short of a knife attack.

Look for these new saddles (also in green and red) to be available in August with an MSRP of $38.00.

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