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Ergon saddle SFC3-L Gel black

CBS Part Number: SA9609

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Ergon saddle SFC3-L Gel black
CBS Part Number: SA9609
Brand: Ergon
UPC: 4260477065063
Vendor Part No: 44020038

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Have more fun riding your bike! Ergon expands the saddle range for a larger new target group of fitness bikes, eBikes or sportive touring bikes. The saddles provide effective relief of the perineum and genital area. Numbness is reduced and riding comfort enhanced. The position of the relief channel was optimized with the help of many test riders by means of the latest pressure measurement technology. The soft borders of the seating surface prevent increased edge pressure. A large seating surface effectively reduces pressure peaks and perfectly distributes the pressure on the sitting bones and pubic bones—even without cycling shorts.