Ergon saddle SMC3-M Pro

CBS Part Number: SA9642

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Ergon saddle SMC3-M Pro
CBS Part Number: SA9642
Brand: Ergon
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Performance and Comfort for mountain biking. Developed as an all-round saddle, ideal for long-day tour riders, and those wanting extra cushioning. The ergonomic focus of the saddle is optimized relief for the soft tissue areas. The specially designed shape, and pronounced relief channel are ideal for those with sensitivity in this area. This was achieved by using our newly developed, high-damping, orthopedic padding with micro-air cushions. Compared to the SMR3, the saddle is softer and thicker.
  • • Top of the line SMC3. Lightweight TiNox rails, Carbon composite shell, dimensional stability, friction reduction, and silicone treatment for enhanced glide. Rear inserts are easy to clean, made from high-quality Alcantara.
  • • Padding Construction: CNC machined, orthopedic AirCell padding provides enhanced support and optimal pressure distribution.
  • • Pronounced Relief Channel. The 9 mm depth of the relief channel raised surface helps to provide increased protection for soft-tissue areas.
  • • Large-Area Pressure Distribution: Provides optimal pressure distribution for sit and pelvic bones, the contoured surface area helps prevent saddle discomfort.
  • • Flexible Side Wings: The flexible side wings of the Y-Flex shell are optimized for biomechanical performance, and increased comfort.