Ergon saddle SMC4-L Comp Gel black

CBS Part Number: SA96070

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Ergon saddle SMC4-L Comp Gel black
CBS Part Number: SA96070
Brand: Ergon
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Core Comfort – even more comfort, improved pressure distribution for the soft tissue areas. Compared to the SMC3’s softer structure and additional volume in the seat cushion. Optimal pressure relief in the perineum area by 9 mm deep relief channel. An extra large seat effectively reduces pressure peaks and optimally distributes the pressure on the sit bones and pubic bones. Features a flat seat for dynamic sitting in different positions without tilting effects – unlike step saddles. SMC4 Comp Gel and SMC4 Sport Gel with gel pads for maximum comfort.
  • • The SMC4 is the premium, lightweight saddle with TiNox saddle rails, and it provides extra comfort from the gel pads on the seated surface. It also features custom shell geometry, comfortable padding, and a premium microfiber surface with orthopedic comfort foam.
  • • Padding Construction Orthopedic padding provides enhanced support and optimal pressure distribution.
  • • Pronounced Relief Channel. The 9 mm depth of the relief channel raised surface helps to provide increased protection for soft-tissue areas.
  • • Large-Area Pressure Distribution: Provides optimal pressure distribution for sit and pelvic bones, the contoured surface area helps prevent saddle discomfort.
  • • Flexible Side Wings: The flexible side wings of the Y-Flex shell are optimized for biomechanical performance, and increased comfort.