Ergon SME3-M Pro stealth Saddle

CBS Part Number: SA9591

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Ergon SME3-M Pro stealth Saddle
CBS Part Number: SA9591
Brand: Ergon
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Vendor Part No: 44070016

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Ergon’s experts have moved their focus to ergonomics for gravity riding. Using a V-Shaped design, the saddle allows for a lot of position changes and changes in saddle height. The demands of such riders is reflected in the form of the saddle padding – it is relatively flat, with no kick up at the rear, allowing for fast changes from sitting, to standing, to behind the saddle descending. The EVA padding and flex optimized shell boosts comfort, as do the rails attaching as far to the extremes of the saddle. Covered in a robust yet lightweight Microfiber cover, durability is assured. Flex Optimized carbon fiber shell, Ti Rails and available in two widths. Friction reducing glide inducing silicon treatment.
  • • TiNox rails, 7x7, MicroFiber Superlite cover
  • • EVA foam padding, Carbon Fiber - Ultra Thin Y-Flex Construction saddle shell
  • • 3D Progressive Setup sit bone pockets formed into saddle shell. Friction reducing glide silicon treatment
  • • Available in 2 sizes, Available in 7 colors
  • • Small 225g, Medium 230g