Maxima PLUSH Suspension Fluid 10 WT 128oz

CBS Part Number: LU0236

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Maxima PLUSH Suspension Fluid 10 WT 128oz
CBS Part Number: LU0236
Brand: Maxima
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Vendor Part No: 55-569128

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MAXIMA PLUSH fluid is an advanced suspension fluid for high performance MTB suspension systems. PLUSH fluid is designed for use in both forks and shocks. Surface active technology eliminates stiction, reduces friction and considerably lowers the force needed for easy breakaway in the initial stroke of travel, providing smooth action throughout the entire range of travel. Advanced additives extend seal life and protect the system from wear and corrosion. Ultra-clean detergents offer smooth, trouble-free operation. “Zero Fade” high viscosity index (VI) fluid ensures consistent damping action over a wider operating temperature range than conventional suspension oils. Enjoy a PLUSH ride from start to finish with incredible all-terrain feel and responsive component feedback. PLUSH fluid was developed with the world’s fastest racers, on the world’s toughest circuits. Proven in XC, Enduro, All Mountain, DH and Freeride. PLUSH is optimized for today’s sophisticated suspension systems. There is no better choice for your MTB.
  • • ANTI-STICTION FORMULA available 3WT, 5WT, 7WT or 10WT