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  • 29x2.0 Kenda Kozmik Lite II K942 Folding

29x2.0 Kenda Kozmik Lite II K942 Folding

  • Hard pack semi-slick design that retains traction like a knobby
  • Multi-use tread design with each knob designed with a specific purpose to optimize performance; appropriate for racing or casual riding
  • Front and Rear application


A fast semi-slick designed tire for race or street use and best on hard pack trails, but will 'float over' some looser conditions. With mini spaceships flying down the center, the Kozmik Lite II has everything you need to soar through the cosmos or your local trail. Speeding through hard packed terrain with the light weight low profile knobs that blend into transition and edge knobs, the Kozmik Lite II will allow you to clock your fastest lap times and leave you wondering if you were riding on a slick tread tire.