Schwalbe SV13E EVOLUTION TPU Tube 26"

CBS Part Number: TU0289

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Schwalbe SV13E EVOLUTION TPU Tube 26"
CBS Part Number: TU0289
Brand: Schwalbe
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Vendor Part No: 10400243

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EVO TUBE. The new bicycle tube made from thermoplastic material. A bicycle tube for high performance in sports should meet two conditions as perfectly as possible: 1) Stable and puncture-proof retaining of air over a long period of time. 2) Be very light! Both at the same time – impossible for a conventional butyl tube. Therefore, we at Schwalbe chose a different path. We completely dispensed with the traditional black rubber. Instead, we developed a completely new special thermoplastic material for bicycle tubes in cooperation with the chemistry experts of BASF. It is called AEROTHAN®. We are sure: AEROTHAN® constitutes a new evolution level. From now on, we are able to manufacture high-quality, ultra-low weight tubes that retain air just as well as conventional butyl tubes and possess the same resistance to punctures. We are calling these new tubes EVO TUBE. The worldwide first EVO TUBE is available for mountain bikes now.

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